Friday, May 27, 2011

A Summer 5K

I'm training for a 5K, but I'm looking to burn up lengths of yarn rather than distance on the track. I'm participating in the Knit Girllls Stash Dash 2011, a summer long project to knock 5000 yards of yarn out of my stash.
I started last night, after midnight, by sewing the tail on a little kitty knit for my four year old Granddaughter.
My daughter bought this yarn from an indie dyer online when she was pregnant with said Granddaughter, hoping I would knit a soaker for the baby. The soaker never came to be, but the yarn was destined for little Ivy ever since. Ivy Kitty will become her new playmate.

My second Stash Dash project is the Caribbean Waters Shawl I've had on the needles for the past two months.
Progress was slow. I enjoyed working with the Malabrigo Sock. Who wouldn't?, but was lost in lace doldrums. Row upon row of boring lace repeats. Not very compelling in my opinion. The result is quite nice, though.

And that is the value of these kinds of contests.
They inspire me to knock those longer projects that I've lost the excitement for, off the needles, where I can appreciate them. And who can't appreciate a great FO?

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  1. Both projects are GREAT!!!!! I love the colours on the shawl.

  2. The way that yarn worked up on Ivy Kitty is fabulous, I love the zigzag stripe in turquoise created across her belly. She'll be a completely fabulous gift for your granddaughter. :D

    The shawl is lovely, too, the lace pattern may have been tedious, but it's also quite lovely .

  3. I agree with Kathleen. That yarn is gorgeous and worked out great for Ivy Kitty! Your granddaughter will love her.

    You should be proud of the shawl and I'm glad you stuck with it. It's beautiful. I've heard great things about Malabrigo sock.

  4. I love the little kitty! I love crocheting amigurumi, but I've yet to knit one...hmmm...

  5. Kitty is adorable!! Your Ivy will love her!!

    I have totally been with you in the lace doldrums (have 2 that are over halfway)but not touched in almost a year. sigh.

    Thanks for asking about me - I've been in a blog funk and the 70+ hours I've been working haven't helped either. I'll be back soon.

  6. Oh good Ria. Glad everything's okay. 70 hours?? That sounds killer! (and not in a good way)

  7. Love the doll! And the shawl is lovely!

  8. The kitty is sooo cute. The malabrigo sock makes such nice shawlettes!

  9. Thanks everyone, for your kind comments! All the knitting world rejoices over FO's :-)