Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sock Yarn Bonanza!

I received some lovely self striping sock yarn from my friend Bobbi over at MyBootee Boutique in order to knit up some sample socks for marketing purposes. I happen to adore her sock yarn. It's nicely twisted, (reminds me of Koigu!), for smooth, effortless knitting and excellent wear. I made my Mother a pair for Mother's Day last year and although she wears them frequently, they look like new. Granted, Mom is a knitter who hand washes her socks, but after a year of use, they haven't even pilled!

Doesn't every knitter love self striping sock yarn? One can happily knit away, watching the colors change between your fingers and transform the project, inch by inch. Bobbi's colorways are so vivid and well put together. The Margo colorway reminds me of a dried nosegay of violets. Something you might find preserved in a cedar chest in the attic. I called the sample sock Antiqued Violets.

I'm pulling out the Rainbow colorway next for more hypnotic, self-striping stitching fun!


  1. That rainbow yarn makes me happy. ^_^

  2. I love that yarn! (great sock, don't mean to dis the sock)

  3. Great pattern for this yarn, I have to go check out this yarn and see if I can get my hands on some ;O)

  4. Love the photography! The socks and yarn get a high five too! Thanks for sharing, I'll check out her website.