Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Re: Your Hat

My Dear Niece Tanya,

I finally finished knitting your hat, just as I'd promised I would! I thought you'd be happy about that, since you've been waiting and waiting. However, I haven't had a chance to send it yet. Your hat was ready to go....all nestled in pretty tissue paper in a priority mailing box, just waiting to actually be posted. The thing is - John and I were about to leave on a trip to Budapest when John checked the weather online. It was going to be ear-nippingly cold there and I, unfortunately, did not have a proper hat. Nothing to cover my ears at all, as a matter of fact!

I know you'll remember the hat I had at our last visit in January. That pretty cabled one? Well, Carli stole that one, or not really stole it, but just sort of claimed it, as daughter's are prone to do. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining though, because I was really glad that she loved the hat, it frankly looked better on her than on me, and it was pink.
Enough said.

So, there I was, without a hat and about to leave on a journey to a cold place where I'd be outdoors much of the time. I really didn't have a choice, sweetie. Your hat had to go along.

You'll be glad to know that your hat performed its' functions perfectly. As you can see, it perched on my head quite cheerily, looking cute and perky even under dreary skies. It kept me very warm and cozied up my ears quite nicely. It gets excellent ratings in both fashion and function.
Since it accompanied me on several educational outings, your hat knows some things about Budapest also, such as the proper way to pronounce Budapest. Bud-ah-pesht is the proper way. And how Hungarian goulash, (goo-Yash without the L if you can believe it), is actually a soup rather than a stew.

Interesting, right?

Speaking of goulash, I picked up some Hungarian paprika that I'll include in the package along with your hat, which I'll send out directly. Please tell your sister, Trisha that I've started working on her hat today.

Oh! One more thing:

You might want to warn her - we're experiencing a bit of cold snap right now, and I'm scheduled to travel to a nursing conference in Istanbul next week.

Her hat may just have to tag along.

Much Love,
Your Auntie Jul xxxooo


  1. I love that hat! Your niece Tanya is a lucky girl.
    (Btw, you always look great on photos, you're very photogenic.)

  2. Thanks Denise! Of course, I only show you the good ones. ;-)