Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Little Owl Pals

Ana Clerc really hit the jackpot when she came up with this pattern. It's easy, is a great way to use up yarny leftovers and lends itself well to personalization. It's the
Owls Two Ways pattern, (free on Ravelry) and on her Ocean of Stitches Blog.

I had so much fun making these guys. I decided mine needed wings, so I made them like so:

co 12 sts
join in round
knit 2 rows
(kfb, k2) around
k 6 rows
k6,(k2tog) around for 2 rows
k 1 row
k4, (k2tog) around
k3, (k2tog) around
cut yarn and pull through stitches
You can stuff wings if you like, or just fold them appropriately and stitch to body

I also weighted them with dried beans before stuffing.
What more could a knitter ask for?
More Owl Pals!


  1. They're so cute and pretty! What a lovely pattern - I love the wings you knit!

  2. Aren't they fun? I love them too! Everytime I walk by my craft room where they sit on the shelf, I have to smile at them. :-)