Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas in Frankfurt

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Romer Square
Being so far away from family at Christmas time, we decided we needed to go somehwere interesting so we wouldn't sit home lonely for family and depressed. We ended up in Frankfurt, Germany, thinking it would be a festive place at Christmas.
It was indeed. We went to Romer Square on Christmas Eve where they had "The Pealing of the Bells" at nightfall. It was the result of alot of different churches all playing the same song. It was beautiful. It was snowing. I'll always remember it:

On the day after Christmas, we took the train to Heidelberg, a picturesque little town. This is where my parents lived when I was born.

We found the German people to be friendly, and quite helpful. These sledders were leading us to the furnicular to get up to the castle.



  1. You guys are really taking advantage of Europe that's for sure - but I can imagine it's hard being away from family on holidays.

  2. It was a bit sad. Just have to keep reminding myself this is temporary and to enjoy it while I can! :-)