Friday, November 5, 2010

October Socks for Moi

I finished these socks in October, the same month I started them in, which is quite the feat! (A feat for my feet. pun intended).

Lovely pattern: Watercolor Paintbox socks. I found it while looking for unappreciated patterns for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group's October sock KAL.

I knitted these on my couch in America, on a long flight, on my couch in Greece, AND on a bus trip to the Pelopenese. These are very well traveled, sophisticated, international socks.

The yarn is a squishy BFL from Portfiber out of Portland, Maine. I love them so much that I'll even forgive them for turning my feet blue.


  1. Those look great!! I have a great pair of socks that have finally stopped turning everything red!! Including other socks! (figured out the dye transferred into a pair of sneakers that are now my red sock sneakers LOL!)

  2. Uh -oh! Better check my clogs for blue contamination! LOL! Thanks for the warning.

  3. Julie these look beautiful! I am so jealous of your sock knitting prowess! The yarn is so many lovely shades all bundled into one. Thank you for the blog award I need to have a bit of a think about who I want to share it with :)