Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hands in the Dishwater, Head in the Clouds

When I did the breakfast dishes this morning, I noticed that I can open my casement window wide and let the cool morning air into my kitchen. There's no screens, but strangely, I haven't seen any flying bugs either. They must be being polite, giving me a break from ordinary buginess.

Everything still feels extradordinary to me here in Athens, so I appreciate the respite. I'm sure I'll become disenchanted at some point - but for now I'm enjoying all the newness - the plans for the days we'll spend traveling, the making of new friends, the surprising adventure of simple tasks: like finding a grocery store, learning from a patient waitress the greek words for avocados with vinegarette, avocados me vinegarette! and which buttons to press to buy tickets for the metro. It's all surprising and wonderfully new. The discovery is delicious.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tea Leaves, again

Next oldest Granddaughter received my second version of the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi this week and pronounced it perfect. (My Grandgirls are so grateful and easy to please that they're an absolute pleasure to knit for)

I thought this came out just a touch on the large size under the arms. I could have went with a smaller size for her, although I added several inches to the length of both sleeves and body to fit her lanky frame. Modifications detailed on my Ravelry Project Page

I've enjoyed this pattern and after two successful sweaters, I've definately gotten my money's worth, but there's still one more in the works for oldest Grandgirl. I'll have to buy the adult pattern for that beanstalk of a child who has surpassed me in both height and shoe size.
These girls sure make Grandma's knitting look good.