Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Slow Start

Happily, I'm back with the running again. I'm not even sure what made me stop, though I'll admit, I always find inactivity easier than physically difficult things. Despite the laws of physics, this object given any break in motion tends to stay square on the couch, with her feet up and some knitting in her lap.

It was a good feeling, though - being fit. My energy level was high. I'd face a new day with square shoulders and enthusiasm. I could run the empty shopping cart all the way back to the store entrance, rather than leaving it crookedly abandoned in the adjacent parking space. And running those half marathons! What a kick that was! In a way, I'd say it sort of changed my view of myself. I realized then that I could do any single thing I set my mind to. I stopped saying "I can't". I stopped even thinking it.

Being the Queen of Denial, and being quite busy these days preparing for a move - it's easy to breeze past my need for exercise, to put it on the back burner to do later. But this time I'm not going to do that. It's past time to start the slow slog of gaining fitness. I'm not saying it's easy. There's lots of sweating, huffing and puffing, and soreness. And there's this sort of akward lost feeling until I find my exercise routine. I weave around the gym machines in indecision. I can't find the abs machine I used to use. There's someone on my usual treadmill - the one beneath the fan. I don't want to lift any weights in front of that young, cute guy. And I forgot my towel. :-/

One of the benefits of blogging is how it keeps your goals right in front of your face. It makes you accountable. In the blog world - you can celebrate your personal victories, you can joke about your fails. You can have some company along the way. So, I'm using my blog for accountability. It's the best running partner ever. I'd rather run than explain why I haven't. Even if it's only explaining to myself - in writing. I'm up to 6 min/2 min run walk intervals x 5.

P.S. : If anyone reading this is interested in starting to run, it's important to start slow. Your bones, muscles, heart and lungs have to build up gradually. The Running 101 program is the one I use.
You'll think you can do more. Don't!
ask me how I know this
Oh, and run slower than you think you should. Even slower than that. You'll get there.


  1. it was 67 degrees when I got home this afternoon, so I walked parks lake twice. I think that's a mile!

  2. HI Julie,

    I am at


  3. It was good to see you guys again thanks for diner

  4. You're so welcome, Donna! We loved seeing you also.