Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beads and Short Rows and Lace, Oh My!

I've admired this Annis pattern like a lovesick middle schooler ever since it came out, but only recently discovered a yarn in my stash that was worthy. On several occasions, I'd dug and dug deep into my stash and then....Oh yes.

The Estelle Cadenza, sent to me by a faraway friend. It's silky, saturated, uh-huh - even sensual. I proclaimed it the one.

Even better - once I brought out the skein, I realized that it matched a pretty silky dress I'd yet to wear. I'd been saving it for a party or a special dinner out. The match - absolute perfection. The dress, the shawl - you can even see the earrings another friend made just for me. The perfect ensemble. I had a plan.

Then came the knitting. Now I know lots of people have written how easy this pattern is and how quickly it knit up. So. many. people.

I can't say I really understand why it's taken me 60 days just to get through 18 rows of lace, but it has.

Lace isn't relaxing knitting for me. It takes me over. I need a stone quiet home, with no interruptions. I knit sitting all bent over my needles, counting furiously and tensely making little notes. I have to take my lace knitting in small doses.

Here's my reward: It's coming around, this lovely little shawl. I've started the short rows - no doubt it will virtually knit itself.


  1. Are there beads I see in the lace? Beaded lace takes me forever ( I cheat and use a tiny crochet hook to loop the beads on - if I had to pre-string it would take forever and ever!)

    I can't wait to see you in your dress and earrings with that shawl!!

  2. Yes - beads in the lace. Not really my talent - but the result is amazing! Now that I've finished, I believe this may be one of my favorite knitted items ever.
    I've never prestrung beads. That sounds painful.

  3. It looks lovely! Nice to be all color coordinated. That one has been in my queue for a while too.