Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Annis = Satisfaction

I just recently came across an interesting tidbit of information. Did you know that the word Annis is a female name of Greek origin meaning Satisfaction?

Have you heard of the term Synchronicity?

Well, that's what this project is: a meaningful coincidence, startling serendipity! Like a comment from the universe on my move to Greece - I love it when I'm graced with such.

This shawl is one of my favorite things I've ever knitted. It's scarfy crescent shape makes it so much more wearable for me than a triangle shawl. Although it was a labor intensive knit, the result is perfect. My Ravelry Project Page reflects the few modifications I made.

When my Granddaughter Jade modeled for this picture she told me, "Grandma, I feel like a Princess in this shawl!
But it was the shawl that was so lucky to be draped on such beauty, I thought.
I am so lucky.
I am so satisfied.

My eyes brimmed as I framed my amazingly lovely Granddaughters in the viewfinder, making it difficult to get sharp pictures. In every way, they are beyond beautiful.


  1. They are both simply \gorgeous!

  2. The shawl is beautiful. So is the model :)

  3. Yes, ALL beautiful. Your love shows through in the photos. Well done!

  4. Beautiful!
    I have it in my queue - I think the size is perfect for a shawl I can wrap around my neck ;) Just need to find the perfect yarn...