Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Simple Swap

Those of you who participate in swaps know the joy of filling a swap box with goodies for another crafter. Making the package is often as enjoyable as receiving one. I find swapping so fun because it's like getting a shopping trip with a friend who knows you. While the sender tries to send things you'll like, she also can't help but put her own spin on it. I've discovered some fabulous items that I never would have known about otherwise.

Our My Other Hobby Swap Group on Ravelry recently hosted a simple swap in which the sender could only select 3 items for their partner. This was truly challenging because each item had to count and contribute a significant amount of joy in order for the package to be a success. You couldn't rely on volume if you weren't sure what she'd like. It seemed alot more important to do some quality stalking.

Here's the fabulous package I received from Melanie, wtrmlni on Ravelry:

I absolutely love the selections she made for me! I've already spent quite a few happy hours browsing the book, Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson and have some serious sock knitting plans in place. I've made one pair of toe up socks before, but what I love about this book is the amount of information relating to basic toe up sock techniques. I like the idea of getting a good understanding of the process.

The yarn: well - as you can see, it's gorgeous! Those purpley, greeney blues. :sigh: I've not seen that colorway before and I'm excited to try it out. Melanie said she saw it knit into a beautiful scarf and that's what drew her to it.

And finally, my partner sewed me a dpn holder/organizer. Although I have one I received in a previous swap that I love - I had jammed it so full of dpn's that I still couldn't find what I needed, so this was a very welcome item. She did a beautiful job on it and I simply love it. I use it exclusively for my sock dpn's.

Yep, this is what organization looks like.


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  2. Great package you have got there. I have the book, and there is SO many beautiful socks in it!

    You asked what sea we were fishing at. It's a fjord called Malangen. We was at the place called Tennskjær.
    You can zoom out from this map to see where in Norway it is :)

  3. I'm so glad you liked the package! Your photographs of the items are beautiful too! Can't wait to see what gorgeous FO you come up with from that yarn! :) Melanie

  4. I have read Wendy Knits blog for such a long time haven't seen her book though... Absolutely adore your dpn roll for your needles... really must try to make something like that to keep mine safe too...

  5. It's so handy, Nikki. Worth all the trouble to make one. Of course, I can say that easily since someone made it for me. :-D