Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Journey of Change

Although I've been looking forward to change over the past year, anticipating it and actually doing it are two different things, I've found. Here it is on my doorstep.

Knock, knock
Hello. Everything's changed. Welcome to your new world. Pending international move of household, Goodbye to your fabulously stable job of 6 years, Goodbye to your known culture and surroundings. Goodbye to your family and friends.

Hi new world. :-) You seem like quite the adventure. I have many expectations of you, but here's my top two:

1.) Decreased stress
2.) Increased self care

A couple of years ago, I took much better care of me. I could run a half marathon. I was flexible and lithe because I practiced yoga regularly. I ate well. My weight was optimal.

I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but my health has changed. When I wasn't looking, my fitness degraded, along with my flexibility and motivation. Now my neck and shoulder hurt. My neck pops when I turn my head. I'm unhappy with my weight. I'm tired of cooking, so I make the same thing over and over for dinner, or go out to eat. I buy lunch at work rather than take it. I spend my days off lying around the house because I'm exhausted.

I've noticed for awhile now that I do alot for others and so little for myself. I'm well aware that if I want a healthful future, this must change. It may take a whole lot of selfish to get myself in the habit of putting myself first. This post starts a year long project of intent to improve my life. I'm going to have alot of fun doing it, too.

Doesn't this sound like a fun project?

Welcome to Project "It's all about ME"

Want to join me? We can do it in the name of a better quality of life and feel absolutely vindicated about doing stuff for ourselves alone. Pedicures. Exercise. Massage. Naps. Selfish knitting and sewing. Time for exploration and play. Reading. Writing. Journaling. Healthful cooking. Gifts to ourselves. If you'd like to join in, comment here and I'll make a sidebar link to the blogs of those involved so I can be inspired by your self care projects as well.

Now, I'm not saying I won't make things for my family or be kind and giving to others. I just won't let it take every bit of my free time. I'll put myself first.

I will.



  1. Oh, I'd love to join you!
    Even though I'm a SAHM it feels like I never have time to take care of myself...

  2. Yay Hege! I'll start a sidebar link area for the project and add your blog. Fun! Can't wait to see your "all about ME" posts. :-)

  3. I realize it's taken me three weeks to respond to this post. But I've been thinking about it. While not as drastic as an international move, I think my daughter going off to live in a dorm 2 hours away, has been one of those milestone life changing/analyzing events. I feel many of the same things you seem to. I've been mom and wife for so long, I've started losing me.

    So I've started Project Me on my blog. I am going to attempt to post about my attempts/plans/successes and failures on Mondays. Starting tonite.

    AND I've scheduled a 30 minute chair massage after my manicure on Thursday.

    So I will be joining you as well.

  4. Yay Ria!!! I can't think of anything more life changing for me than when my children left home. It was on one hand a victory for their independance, with such a profound loss of their presence. What an opportunity for some positive changes! I'll be watching your Monday posts...