Monday, August 23, 2010

Airplane Knitting

I love going places. I just spent an enjoyable week in Washington D.C. My husband worked each day, but I was a lone tourist. I rode the metro everywhere and walked through countless museums. It was alternately opressively hot/humid and cool/wet. I liked the wet because I don't get much of that here. With my pop up umbrella and loaded metro pass, I was invincible, though my hair was really, really unruly. My hair only behaves in the dry desert and this was.... the opposite of that. I bought a baseball cap.

A Phoenix to Washington air flight gives you four long hours of audio book listening, knitting nirvana. Appropriately, I made travel socks that I can wear on my next flight. I'm thinking that will be a looong one - over the ocean to our new overseas home. Fourteen hours, I've heard! (Think of the ambitious project I can attempt on that trip!) I like the idea of being able to slip these on easily to avoid going barefoot through security once I take off my sandals, and for comfort on the plane as well.

These are great little socks. The pattern: Turkish Bed Socks. It caught my eye when I saw a display of dozens of these knit up in the wonderful shop on Bainbridge Island that I visited on vacation last year. I bought the skein of koigu there and have been intending to make them since. They kept being put aside for other projects I was making for other people, but now that I promised myself that I'd take care of myself first, these seemed like a perfect little project to kick off some wonderfully selfish knitting. They knit up so quickly that I completed one on the way to Washington.
I might even do some Christmas knitting with this pattern. I just can't imagine who wouldn't love them.

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