Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yes to Tea Leaves!

I enjoyed knitting the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan. For my first real sweater, it went well - not nearly as scarey as I'd anticipated. I do have questions about how I can avoid the little holes created where the sleeves meet the body. Must investigate. Tips welcome!

The only modification I made was to make long instead of three quarter length sleeves. I'd like my Granddaughter to be able to wear this as an outdoor sweater to throw on over her school clothes. Oh yes - I changed the length between the button holes as well. I didn't like the large gap between the two buttons, so I decreased the stitches between button holes to 10, then added two more buttons. It just seems more balanced to me this way.

So! I made it through my first sweater and actually enjoyed the process, as well as the finished object. Much easier than I ever would have guessed. Of course, a good basic pattern helps. Next oldest Granddaughter is asking when hers will be done. I'm casting on even as we speak in fuschia pink! I am a sweater knitter. Or at least a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan knitter. Pretty cool.


  1. I am thinking of making this as a beginner project also. What size did you make - I was wondering how much it would cost for a size 4.

  2. I made the size 10, Maureen. I guess your cost would depend on what sort of bargain you get on yarn, but I'm thinking that a size 4 won't take much!