Thursday, June 3, 2010

Official Summer Knitting

June seems to me to be summer. I'm not sure of the official summer commencement date, but to me - it's June, so I'm starting my summer knitting. This really means Back to School, or Fall knitting since I seem to knit in advance of the season to come. (Except for socks, which I knit all the time because I love them)

I missed making a pair of socks for May. I started Cookie A's Mystery Sock with the Sock Knitter's Anonymous Group on Ravelry, but stumbled so badly on it that I lost all the joy of it and abandoned the project. June, however, is a new month and I've cast on a pair of Komets by Stephanie van der Linden.

I'm using that sock yarn I overdyed with Easter egg dye tablets the month before last. I love how it looks knit up, which makes me itch to get back to the dye pot too.

Another project I've been thinking about for some time is some scarey sweater knitting. I'm thinking of my Granddaughters going back to school and this is coinciding with a desire to get some sweater knitting experience. There's so many lovely patterns that have been piling up in my Ravelry queue. But here's the winner for Grandgirl knitting:

Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi.

It just seems cuter than cute to me to have a mini Tea Leaves pattern available, and although I haven't ever knit the full sized Tea Leaves Cardigan, I'm working up to it. As a rule, I like to start small and build. As result, the Granddaughters are getting little versions of the sweater Grandma Julie wants.

Being a realistic and practical person - I understand that these sweaters will not get the care a knitter might hope for. They'll be tossed into the corners of bedrooms, partially zipped into backpacks with the sleeves trailing on the ground, and other such offenses. Knowing this, I looked for an easy care yarn - soft against the skin, (because they'd never actually wear anything 'itchy' or 'scratchy'), and able to be washed and dried in the machine.

I found some Washable Wool by Moda Dea. Discontinued, and available in limited colors - I nonetheless found some that would work. Though the tangerine color arrived eye searingly bright, a dunk in a watery brown dye wash dulled it down to a rusty orange that I like quite alot. The price for an entire sweater for the 11 year old? Eight dollars. Yes! I've made my way through the first couple skeins.

Wish me luck.


  1. I consider every day where you live summer!

    Nothing beats a handknit pair of socks, nothing hands down. And since I have to wear shoes to work I may as well have yummy socks right?

    I love how the blue/green yarn looks knit.

    Can't wait to see the cardi!

  2. LOL! It really does get cold here. At least cold for us weather wimps. :-) I went on vaca to Boston last year in October and thought I'd freeze to death however, so I do understand that I really don't understand real c-c-cold

  3. Julie I love this pattern, it looks so simple and elegant - a mini version will be so cute!