Monday, May 24, 2010

Where did you go, May?

It's hard to believe this entire month got away from me without a single post. Maybe I did bite off more than I could chew, with a test knit for a lacey swim wrap
that caught my eye. I really couldn't resist this one. The pattern photo showed a girl on the beach with this draped around her hips.

I went to immediate dream sequence:
Me. Walking barefoot in the sand, Greek waters caressing my toes, the warm sun on my shoulders.
Then my practical side reminded me of all the sins this lovely wrap could hide on the beach. That sealed the deal and I asked the designer if I could test her pattern. It hardly needed any work, to be clear. The pattern was quite well written and polished. Andrea is quite the professional designer.

Then there was the knit along with the My Other Hobby Swap Group on Ravelry. For the Selfish KAL, I finally made a long wished for Citron.

I love this little ruffled scarf. It converts into a light little shoulder shawl, where it lays nicely without having to be pinned.

The yarn I used was from Oddish Creations. Her hand dyed yarns are amazing and create lovely little points of color in the finished knitting.

A group of knitters on Ravelry put together a baby blanket this month for a Ravelry friend who's expecting. I collected the squares and joined them. You haven't lived until you've done 3 feet of kitchener stitch - I assure you! But the result is lovely and bright and the Mom to be loved it. And sharing the knitting love is what it's all about, right?

Then there were the Mother's Day Monkey socks. They did get completed, Mom got them in time and they fit! .Ravelry Project Page

So, that was May - a productive month that went so fast, it almost got away


  1. Wow! you've had the most productive month!!

  2. I feel more productive just looking at what you've done.
    Great job with the baby blanket! Putting squares together is certainly not something I enjoy doing.