Friday, April 16, 2010

Sock Reincarnation

I knit a Jaywalker sock the first part of April. Wow, it took a LOT of stitches. Little tiny stitches on 2.25 mm dpn's.

Problem is, when I got done I wasn't crazy about the sock. I like stretchy, squishy socks that form around my foot with a reassuring little hugginess. This sock didn't do that. Although it fit reasonably well, it just didn't have enough give for my liking.

I couldn't get excited about knitting the second matching sock, and I didn't want to sacrifice the pretty Mybootee Boutique sock yarn to what was destined to become an abandoned UFO, so ..... Jaywalker went to the frog pond and a new Monkey joined the knitting at my house.

And although it's clear the lovely yarn wants to be a Monkey - it just doesn't want to be my Monkey. Despite much pulling and tugging over my heel and a healthy dose of knitterly denial - I have to face the fact that it is indeed too small for me.

Being a resourceful knitter, and unable to face the idea of once again frogging, I came up with a brilliant idea:

Mother's Day socks!
As luck would have it, My Mom has smaller, more delicate, feet than I do. And Mom - the woman who admired and displayed every childhood art project - she deserves some dang good knitting gifts.


  1. I'm sure Mom will love the socks!!

    My mom wears the stuff I give her everywhere. And shows everyone- we joke that I can never knit her underwear!

  2. LOL! Too funny. Mom's are the best for bragging on their daughters. :-)