Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Coffee Knitter Friend in N.J.

I recently made a new knitter friend. You can never have enough of these, in my opinion, 'cause knitters - well, they're just good people. And they know stuff. Stuff other knitters want to know. And they share! They share the stuff they know and they share the stuff they love.

Ria and I both love coffee. Tea too. We're caffinated knitting people and we were paired up in the Caffeine Addicts Group on Ravelry in their Spring Swap. We swapped packages of stuff we love, or at least thought the other would love and Ria hit the nail on the head. She knows how to put together a swap package.

I just love my new coffee cup. I use this cup only for coffee because - see that thing under it that most people might think is a coaster? Well, in my world, it's a lid and I have wished for a lid for my cup for some time and now I have it. I use it every morning.
This morning I also tried the first pot of the fabulous beans she sent from her neighborhood bakery/coffee shop and they make a delicious brew indeed.

Ria also sent me beautiful cotton yarn. It's Patagonia Nature Cotton in a lovely blue/green color. This is destined to be a Bazan by Jane Richmond. Aren't the teacup stitch markers clever? They're from Yarn Lust on etsy.

Ria also knitted a tea cozy just for me. It's a pretty blue-green and it's topped with adorable leaves. I do love leaves. I've never had a tea cozy before. I have the feeling it could become as important as coffee lids - you know, in keeping stuff that should be warm, warm

The package was packed with all sorts of treats, but one of the things I really got a kick out of was this postcard. Coffee coming through an IV, and I'm a nurse and I hang IV's and I love coffee and....well, it just cracked me up. So. Perfect.

And don't you just love people who make you laugh?

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  1. I totally think it's a lid! It fits on top, right?? Glad you liked everything!

    I love finding new knitting friends as well!