Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colorplay with Easter Egg Dyes

I hate to let this month slip away without showing the fun I've been having with Easter Egg dyes. I would have never guessed that those little tabs and a bottle of vinegar could make such pretty yarn colors.

This first is the result of handpainting a skein of natural colored sport weight yarn with a mix of blue and green tabs, and a mix of the orange and yellow.

I toned the whole thing down with a dilute mix of Wilton brown in invisible koolaid. Wrapped up in plastic wrap and a few minutes of steam in the microwave created this loveliness.

This second yarn is an overdye that I did over a superwash wool sock yarn. I took the skein from this:

to this:

I used the crockpot, because I wanted a kettle dyed effect with a bit more color variation. I heated up enough water to cover the skein, introduced the yarn, then poured the dye into the water in different areas of the crockpot. Because the water was hot, the yarn took up the color in the area I poured it rather quickly.

I liked how the colors didn't mix and become muddy. I got distinct areas of color in different areas of the skein. However, even though I moved the skein around between pours, there were areas where the dye didn't reach and I had to lay the skein out and do a handpaint/ microwave steam to cover undyed areas afterwards.

I'll continue to experiment with this method to try to get the semisolid effects I'm hoping for.

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  1. Wow! you are so creative at different dyes.