Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Recovery Day

After a minor surgery, I have some time on my hands. It's a gift - this time for healing and recovery, with notning pressing to do. I'm not even supposed to drive. So athough it may be self indulgent to say so, it's definately a gift. I'm healing well, taking good care, going slow.

Today I'm sitting out on my back porch in a big comfy wicker chair where I can put my feet up. The weather is perfect - a light warm breeze is whispering through the leaves of the tangelo tree.

I have a new crochet project to start that I need to wind the yarn into balls for. No knitting deadlines to meet for once, which makes picking and starting new projects so enjoyable and relaxing.

I've set out the socks I made in March. Although I've worn and washed them several times, I never got around to weaving in the ends. (shhhhh!) I'll get it done sometime today. Maybe after a little nap.

My coworkers even sent me these beautiful flowers! I do feel loved.