Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Easter Gifts for Little People

My youngest Grandchildren, Ivy and Corey got knitted Easter gifts this year. I can't ever seem to get far enough ahead to make all the Easter goodies I'd like. I'm determined that one year I'll finally get to those cute knitted Easter Eggs by Little Cotton Rabbits.

The older girls were treated to a trip to the movies, but Ivy isn't quite old enough to sit still that long. However, she certainly can pose for the camera and if you're really fast, you just might manage a clear shot or two.

Here, Ivy is stunning in light blue cotton fastened with chunky wooden buttons. It's comfy and stylish and she loves showing off her new spring cardi. Pattern: Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fetig. Ravelry Project Page

I didn't think 6 month old Corey would appreciate a sweater as much as he'd like something to chew on. He's in that teething stage and baths are one of his favorite things, so I knit up a few of Rebecca Danger's cotton Monster Chunks and stacked them in a knitted mesh bag for ease of washing. (Picture the entire bundle thrown in the washing machine - no muss, no fuss). Ravelry Project Page

I stuffed the little critters with sponges so they'd be suitable for swimming in the tub with Corey. Mom and Dad reports that he loves them. And truly - what more could a Grandma want?


  1. Both gifts are adorable - and your grand-daughter is just too cute!

  2. Um, can you be my grandma!! I totally lost track of time, and have 2 barely-started vests for Easter...maybe next year, but then I'll have to make 3...

  3. Cute little sweater! I love it when knitted items are used and loved.

  4. Thanks you guys! Courtney - if I had to take care of them as well as knit for them, the knitting probably wouldn't happen. It's nice to be in the lucky position of only having to do the fun part. It's a great time of life! :-)

  5. Those monster chunks are really cute! I'm sure they'd be just what I wanted if I were little and had a bathtub.