Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Jelly

When my kids were growing up, we had several pomegranate bushes in our backyard. Although we tried to make good use of the fruit, we couldn't really make a dent in the deluge of ripening fruits each November/December. That is, until I discovered a recipe in Rosalind Creasy's The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping for Pomegranate Jelly.

I made jars and jars of it for many years, so my kids remember this as a yearly treat around the Holidays.

We've long since moved from my kids' childhood home, but a couple of years ago, I planted pomegranate bushes in the home I live in now - just so I could again make some of that lovely jelly. I managed six jars this first year of fruiting and it's every bit as good as I'd remembered. Sweet, but tart too with a distinctive tang. My Granddaughter's tasted it for the first time this year and genetics being what they are, they raved over it and declared it a favorite, just as their Mom had over 2 decades before.

I found another recipe online that makes a delicious Pomegranate Jelly , although I like to cut the sugar to 4 1/2 cups so it's a little more tangy than sweet. It always makes me feel so clever to capture that transluscent red tanginess in a jar.

Happy Pomegranate Days!

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